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USB-A to USB-C cable (0.25m/1m/2m/3m, nylon-braided, fishbone-ended)

USB-A to USB-C cable (0.25m/1m/2m/3m, nylon-braided, fishbone-ended)

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Nylon braided USB-C to USB-A cable with special ends for extra-high bending tolerance and durability.

Available in white, blue, red, black, and 0.25m / 1m / 2m / 3m sizes.

  • About taxes & customs

    This item is subject to VAT. Prices shown are inclusive of VAT for European buyers, but not inclusive of any other tax.

    You might be subject to other import taxes/fees depending on your countries.
    In the EU, customs fees shouldn't apply.
    In the US, customs fees usually start applying for packages with values above $800, but state-specific laws may apply.
    Elsewhere, I have no idea !
    These are educated guesses. There is no precedent at the moment. In any case, import/customs taxes/fees are your responsability.

  • Shipping information

    /!\ We ship everywhere postal services reach but the UK and Norway.
    My apologies to those affected, I really didn't want to exclude anyone, but these countries have special compliance requirements that I can't yet fulfill (surrounding VAT and not being in the EU). This will hopefully be resolved eventually (check the Twitter/Discord for news).

    Items are shipped via global mail i.e local postal services working together. La Poste (french postal service) will hand items to your postal service (USPS if US, Canada Post if Canada...). Your tracking number will be usable in your postal service's website.

  • Exchange & refund policy

    You have a 14 days retractation right.

    During that period, should you send back the item in the same condition as it was shipped, its cost (excluding shipping) will be refunded. If your adapter had an issue and no solution was found after reaching out to me, I'll cover the cost of shipping it back too.

    See the terms and conditions for more info.

  • Cable compatibility

    All USB cables are compatible with the Lossless Adapter, as long as they're not charge-only.

    If you connect the Lossless Adapter to a host (e.g PC, Switch) via a charge-only cable, the LED will blink yellow and red for 10 seconds.

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