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Nylon-braided USB-C cable (1m/2m)

Nylon-braided USB-C cable (1m/2m)

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Nylon-braided USB-C 1m/2m cable compatible with the Lossless adapters (sold without cables by default).

Available in white, black, red, gold, cyan, purple and golden pink.

2m is very useful for lag testing, useful for Switch play, and not useful for PC play.

  • About cables, weight and shipping

    People often have unused USB-C cables, and the adapter is so light its weight (35g) is similar to that of the cables (1m:25g, 2m:40g). Considering international shipping costs sting even after optimizing for weigth this much, it should be clear why I don't require people to order a cable alongside the adapter.

    International shipping info:

    <= 50g: 3.25€
    <=100g: 3.6€
    <=250g: 7.45€

    Tracking on <=250g adds 2.75€ and is required when the letter/package needs to go through customs (outside of EU), optional otherwise.

    <500g: West EU (excl UK): 13.45€, Other: 14.1€
    <1kg: West EU (excl UK): 16.6€, UK: 19.6€, East EU: 24.1€, Other: 32.85€

  • Regarding taxes

    This item is VAT-exempt, due to us being a very small company.

    Obligatory legal mention: "TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI".

    You might be subject to other import taxes/fees depending on your countries.
    In the EU, customs fees shouldn't apply.
    In the US, customs fees usually start applying for packages with values above $800, but state-specific laws may apply.
    Elsewhere, I have no idea !
    These are educated guesses. There is no precedent at the moment. In any case, import/customs taxes/fees are your responsability.

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